Why Use Cases?


Protection - Cases are lined with various types of foam, based on the size and weight of the unit. The reliability of the product is greatly increased when properly shock mounted.

Reusability for Cost Savings - Cases are designed to be reused and shipped over and over again. Cardboard boxes are designed for a single shipment and conventional wood crates only survive a few shipments and are hard to use. Replacing wood crates time after time will cost more than a reliable case.

Time and Handling Efficiency - Cases are manufactured with a recessed spring loaded handles and optional casters. Instead of "bubble wrapping" or repackaging items each time, a properly designed case with compartments can save hours of time.

Easier Set Up - Custom cases can be a plug and play set up for the user. Well designed cases and racks can save time for demos, rentals or trade show set up.

Peace of Mind and Security - Quality cases will assure that when your equipment arrives, it will arrive safely and in working order. Optional locks can be added for security.

Enhanced Professional Image - Enhance your companies image by packaging your equipment or products in a well designed quality case. Cases can be color coded for inventory or to match corporate colors

Save Truck Space - Whenever possible cases are manufactured using "Truck Pack" or "semi pack" dimensions to save space while transporting in a truck.



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