Shock Mounted Racks - Single Wide Easy Store Panel© (ESP)
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Our new Patent Pending Easy Store Panel Rack case! 24" wide x 30" deep

Dual slam latch, front and rear panels, allow quick and easy setup and store in slots in the upper area of the rack


Convenient storage keeps the panels with the racks - No more misplaced lids! No more twist locks!

  • Now available in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 space versions!
  • Racks can be lined up next to each other without having to be moved to put lids on and off.
  • Stacking cups allow them to be stacked
  • Internal rack is 18mm Birch Plywood with pretapped rack rail
  • Interior rack is 26" deep not including rail recess
  • Foam Lined
  • Can be used for amps, dimmers, and or as a FOH rack
  • Double wide version with same interchangeable door panels available


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