Racks - RCS Series (Rack Case Suitcase)

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RCS-1 Rack in a hinged lid case

Custom racks with case



RCS - Rack Case Suitcase style designs are usually used for 1-4 space applications where a small rack can be removed from the case and set where it needs to be used. Advantages are that they take up less space, are always in good shape, and can also provide storage below the rack for accessories.

2 space rack with lightweight series case

Shock Mount Easy Store Panel (EPS) Rack: Single Wide ESP Rack, Other Version EPS Rack, Shock Mount Front & Back Lids ( RCA), Rack Shock Mount Rack Case Cover (RCC): RCC Angled Mixer Rack, RCC FOH Style, RCC Stacked, Case Suitcase (RCS), Rack Case Trunk (RCT) Non-Shock Mount Front & Back Lids (TRB): TRB, TRB Angled Mixer, Wood Racks: Common Racks, Custom Racks, Roll Around Racks Rack Options: Rear Hinged Door, Stacking, Wood Finishes, Other Options
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